led by Prof Grzegorz Ziółkowski and assisted by Maciej Zakrzewski

at Universidad de Playa Ancha, Valparaíso, Chile from 3–7 April 2017

For some time, as a fetus in the womb of a woman, an awareness matures in me and fills me with fearful anticipation that the Vast Universe billows with unimaginable speeds like a cosmic bubble; prickly unrests of a miser bother me when only for a moment I think that the universe is leaking into a void like water through your fingers, and that one day – maybe today, maybe tomorrow, maybe in a couple of light-years – the universe will penetrate it forever as it was not built of a solid matter, but only of fleeting sound.

Tadeusz Borowski Stone World

THE PULSAR was a theatre seminar which explored the intersections between theory and practice, between ethics, craft and creation.

It included:

• two lectures by Prof Grzegorz Ziółkowski: Studio Tradition in the European Theatre Practice (3 April, 7 pm) and Cruel Theatre of Self-immolations (7 April, 12 pm, midday);

• work sessions focused on: rhythms, the flow, partnership-in-action, text and the composition From Stars to Silence.

THE PULSAR culminated in THE SHARING – an open summary of work (7 April, 7 pm).

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and Tíquet marzo – abril / no 53 / año 2017.

See also: TV material and see it also on youtube.

THE PULSAR was organized upon invitation from Giulio Ferretto Salinas (director of Departamento de Artes Escénicas at Facultad de Arte, Universidad de Playa Ancha, Valparaíso, Chile) and Claudio Santana Bórquez.

It was carried out with support from Grzegorz Ziółkowski’s project Self-immolation in Contemporary Culture: Act-Performance, sponsored by the National Science Centre, Poland (programme OPUS 6, decision: DEC-2013/11/B/HS2/02873).