An acting session led by Claudio Santana Bórquez (Chile)

22 February 2016, 5–9 pm, The Theatre Laboratory Space, Wrocław, Poland

This work session focused on the body, sound, rhythm, and action, all understood as objective instruments of the performer’s craft. Practising them enables you to establish a different kind of communication between human beings and to create a field of artistic and personal exploration, which may lead to the essence of simple acts and the joy of being together.

Claudio Santana Bórquez, 2015, photo Maciej Zakrzewski
Claudio Santana Bórquez at work in Poznań, 2015, photo Maciej Zakrzewski

Claudio Santana Bórquez – actor, director, with a masters in theatre directing, Professor in the Theatre Department of Playa Ancha University, Valparaiso, Chile. Since 2010 he has been Artistic Director of the Performer Persona Project which explores body, sound, rhythm and live action. His performative works include: A Performative lecture: practice drama (2015), Losing the battle of (Ebro) Drunk (2014), Julia (2013), Like a dog in the sun (2013), Vigilia (Fondart 2012), and Performing nothing (2011). He has recently published the article ‘On the performer’s practice and lucidity at Gestos: Revista de Teoría y Práctica del Teatro Hispánico (November 2015). In 2013 he directed Lab Performer Studies. From 2008–2010 he was an actor at Laboratorio Permanente di Ricerca sull’Arte dell’Attore, Italy. In 2008 he participated in the Grotowski Institute’s Atelier and in Project Horizons by the Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards. As director of Teatro de la Peste (2002–2006), he has presented Yard Gal, Pincho Disney, Orwell 1984, Silence of God, Normal.