The consultative seminar ATIS NICHE took place in Brzezinka, the Grotowski Institute’s forest location, from 13–30 September 2015 in the frame of the first phase of STUDIO || ROSA’s theatre exploration Feeling the PULSE.

It was an advanced seminar addressed to artists who wanted to develop their own creative work on training and/or individual performances in a friendly and supportive environment.

The work of ATIS NICHE culminated in the ATIS SHARING on 30 September 2015 – an encounter with guests when elements of individual, partner and group work were presented (in the sense of giving someone a gift of full presence). The SHARING included: a group composition From STARS to SILENCE, three individual acting miniatures: Emergency Exit by Csongor Köllő (Romania), Veronica’s Double by Andrea Madrid Mora (Catalonia), and Abel and Kain by Mohammad Reza Aliakbari and Samaneh Zandinejad (Iran), as well as three partnership scenes by Paulina Krzeczkowska and Marta Pautrzak (Poland), Csongor Köllő and Andrea Madrid Mora, and Mohammad Reza Aliakbari and Samaneh Zandinejad. In the end a Kurdish song was sung by Maria Kapała (Poland).

See photo album: ATIS 2015 NICHE

ATIS NICHE artists shared their works for the second time in the Theatre Laboratory Space in Wrocław on 23 and 24 February 2016 in the framework of the next phase of STUDIO || ROSA’s Feeling the PULSE. Claudio Santana Bórquez joined the NICHE in Wrocław and led his acting work session Into the Performer’s Process for those who applied, other artists from the NICHE, and two ROSA’s apprentices, as well as presented his performative lecture The Persona: the Lucidity of the Performer’s Path (assisted by Paulina Krzeczkowska) to an open public.